Monday, February 12, 2018

Fragrant Lord Siva - what and why to chant to this devout meditator.

Shambo Shambo Shambo Shambo – I chant Shambo the name of Shiva, on this day of Maha Sivayatri – the night of Siva.
“The Petromax does not talk, but it shines and sheds light all around.  The Jessamine does not speak, but it wafts its fragrance everywhere.  The lighthouse sounds no drum, but sends its friendly light to the mariner.  The unseen beats no gong, but its omnipresence is felt by the dispassionate and discriminating sage.
Behind all names and forms is the one nameless, formless Essence.  Behind all governors is the one supreme governor of governors.  Behind all lights is the one Light of lights.  Behind all sounds there is the soundless supreme silence.  Behind all teachers is the one supreme Guru of Gurus.
Behind all these perishables is the one imperishable Absolute.  Behind all these motions is the one motionless infinite.  Behind time, minutes and days is the one timeless eternity.  Behind hatred, riots and wars is the one hidden love.
Just as air is formless and at the same time takes the form as of a cyclone, so also, God who is formless in his un-manifested or transcendental state, assumes a from for the pious worship of his Bhaktas his devotees, and reveals himself in the form in which the devotee loves the most.”
Swami Sivananda

In this manifested state Lord Siva holds the destructive power but in reality is the regenerator and not the destroyer.  Lord Siva is the God of love and his grace is infinite; he assumes the form of Guru out of the intense love for mankind.  The dance of Siva is the rhythm and movement of the world spirit and as he dances the darkness vanishes.  Siva the one that is eternally happy, the auspicious one, the one that is merged with Om; ever free and ever pure.

Shiva’s dance is eternal, the rhythm of life eternal and we elevate our own life force to merge with the ultimate chanting the name of Shiva, Om Namah Sivaya, or in another form Shambo, or reciting the Maha Mrutynjaya Mantra the life giving mantra that bestows liberation.  It brings protection, inner prosperity, health, wards off accidents and brings long life.  Repeat this mantra 3, 9, 27 or 108 times, or all night on Maha Sivayatri; the night of Siva.

Om Tryambakan Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam
Urva Rukam Iva bhandhanat
Mrityou Muksiya Ma Mrtat

We worship the fragrant Lord Siva, the one with three eyes, who sees the whole universe through his two eyes and goes beyond to see the whole truth, all knowledge through his third.  May he liberate us from the bondage of the vine and liberate us from death.  The cucumber is full of seeds as potential but needs a good farmer, as we need a good farmer to liberate us from the negative thought waves, may Lord Siva farm us and liberate us to bring us to pureness, joy and peace.
May you all find a replete and peaceful heart this Sivayatri and all days and all nights.  Be with the sun, be with the moon, love your surroundings and Siva will cross your path, be love, be joy.

Om Namah Sivaya OM
Mangala / Nicky.

Maha Sivayatri Tuesday 13th Feb 2018.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Reasons to chant to Sri Lord Ganesha.

Chanting or singing is one of the fundamental practices of yoga; it is a divine act and is one of the surest and easiest ways of yoga, which is to bring us to union.  What do we want to unite with; the whole of creation, the whole being, the whole spirit and the whole cosmos.  We want to unite the internal with the external and the external with the internal. 
Chanting is recommended for the holistic development of the individual, it can activate the right side of the brain – your creative side.  It can uplift and focus the mind an important act in today’s busy world to bring us back to clarity.  By chanting there is a part of our body that is being energized as well as our mind. 
When we chant in Sanskrit it is coming from within, it is activating and clearing your inner psychic energy centers known as chakras, each word activating a different chakra and awakening inner knowledge.

We chant to the one with the elephant head – Lord Ganesha to remove the obstacles and to clear the path that will lead us to that union; to bring us strength and wisdom.  Chanting the name Ganesha will activate the root chakra the Muladhara, which will provide us with a firm foundation.  When the foundation is strong then we don’t need to worry about the future.  Ganesha is the universal consciousness and bestower of bliss.  We worship him as the Lord of auspicious beginnings.  And we don’t need to be Hindu to chant to Ganesha, we can observe the symbolism and bring that into our minds and hearts as we chant.  Do we want a smooth journey, do we want peace and bliss, and do we want the ultimate reality of truth that lies within?  Then chant chant chant. 
Om Ganeshaya Namaha, Om Ganeshaya Namaha, Om Ganeshaya Namaha.

Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Pahimam
Sri Ganesha Sri Ganesha Sri Ganesha Rakshamam

Have beautiful days full of joy and the sacred sounds that uplift, support and energize.

Om Ganeshaya Namaha
Om Namah Sivaya

Mangala / Nicky.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Great and Fundamental reasons to chant AUM

Today the oceans are full of islands of rubbish, plastic is suffocating the earth, the biggest contributor to our environmental issues is meat, raising animals and all this entails and killing them for food is killing our planet.  Are you feeling this?  Are you aware of this?  The responsibility lies in the ‘I.’ When will I learn, when will I take responsibility?  Chant AUM for the benefit of the earth, the waters, the fires, the airs and the space, chant AUM for life.  As well as being practically vegan and banning plastic from my life as much as possible, reducing water and electricity usage – when I chant OM it is for the earth, for that earth that supports and nurtures me and it is up to me to take care of It, to take responsibility for her.  The universe is made of love and it is full of love, if you can only chant Om with integrity then you can feel that love, fill yourself with that love and enjoy that love.

The chanting of AUM can bring you the most powerful boon.  When times are wonderful, when times are in turmoil, when times are easy and when times are difficult – chant AUM to bring yourself invigoration, support, a confidence and a relief.  The afflictions of the mind will start to weaken and the thoughts will become constant and a flow of positivity enabling you to live peacefully and in contentment.  The mind will gradually become quiet and will strengthen to ananda – bliss; mental pain will decrease and the heart will open.  Physical nervousness, depression, irregular breathing and distractions will become less and less.  Chanting of this beautiful Om brings a healing vibration not only to you but also to the whole universe.  Raise your energy levels, calm the mind and chant Om the oldest known word to man.  Raise your mental potential and work towards your liberation when all becomes one and the Universal consciousness merges with the individual; this is the yoga. 
Here is what Swami Bhoomananda has to say –
“Chant this holy AUMkara generating a lasting and benedictory note to enrich and purify the whole universe.  Only the human individual can produce a sound like this.  It represents the entire articulation, which means the entire thought process.  The whole ideation, the whole figuration, the whole imagination and the whole wisdom.  Combine A U M and make OM.
It represents the wakefulness, which we create – you wake up to the world, the world does not wake you up.  In wakefulness you have extended perceptions and then these perceptions are withdrawn as you go into your deepest inner chamber, the inner hemisphere that is the deep sleep.  And if you slip into a dream here you find an extensive world parallel to the waking world.  Who is the creator – you; your mind is the creator. 
An interaction between the objects of the creation and the creator takes place.  It is in the same manor that the whole universe is taking place.  We are the subject and the entire world an object for us, and the whole of our life is an interaction between the subject – us, and the object – the world.
This happens in the dream, this is very clear to you, now can you apply the same to the waking state interactions.  You are the subject, never the object; and as the subject of all of the universe and the world you stand superior and sovereign.
Not to be afflicted, not to be subdued, not to be overpowered by the world.  When are you going to have this beautiful grandeur of your own self, the great great supramental splendor?
When is it going to dawn in you?  AUM is the way for it; whenever you have difficulties, troubles and turmoil’s if only you can chant OM.  It will invigorate you; will give you redemption and a relief, a confidence, a support, strength and a security.  The sound is the very spirit in your body – it is such a great thing!  It is such a beautiful sound.  It is for the wellbeing of the whole world and Universe.”

So no delays – let us chant om om om – you can chant it with me here –

Wishing you the beauty that is within the magnificent sound of AUM.
Mangala / Nicky

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A gift from the Universe - a gift from mangala - RELAX

Recently the most powerful words I have read were this 'You were born to be real, not the ideas of perfection that you have in your head.'   I know not who the author of these words is or was, but I would like to show my gratitude for them as they struck a chord within me that said - it is ok, lie back, close your eyes and think that you are beautiful.  Take pause and listen to your heart, give your heart the space to sing to you and listen, listen, listen.  You deserve these moments.
I was born in Essex, UK 1972, to a wonderful working class family that loved this bundle of a little girl.  Through my life so far the world has shown me so very much, love, heartache, pain, joy, tears and rainbows.  There has been violence, deceit, struggle, death, addictions, loss, rejection, trauma and pain.  There has been discovery, love, joy, truth, excitement, explorations, energy, friendships, forgiveness, growth and moments of complete peace.  Life for me so far has been replete, full in one way or another.  And for the last 14 years there has been YOGA, this in so many ways has saved me and taken me on much wider discoveries.  At this time I give to you this recording made in Kathmandu several years ago, and gives the gift of pause.  Take it, share it, and listen to your heart, listen listen listen, see that you were born to be real, and that in that you are beautifully perfect.
Wishing you all the greatest journey of recognizing your beautiful selves. 
Om Lokha Somastha Sukhino bhavantu
May all beings find harmony, balance and eternal peace.
My gratitude to the Universe and to all living entities and for the practice.
Love from the heart
mangala - nicky

recording is 17 minutes long of complete and deep relaxation - take it!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Prana the original and vital life force.

Are we breath, are we air, are we oxygen?  Are we the earth, water or fire?  Or are we nothing but what we call in Sanskrit - Prana - the original life force; the vital life force.  Prana - a constant movement of energy.
Prana is our life, an invisible force that weaves throughout all creation.  A cosmic energy that can be used to amplify our human experience.
Take time to put yourself on pause for a moment and tune into the feeling of your prana.  Concentrate your mind at the palms of your hands and finger tips, see if you can feel the vibration or tingly feeling of prana.  Is it strong, smooth or weak?
This source of life can be increased by the practice of yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) meditation, acupuncture, eating a diet of high pranic foods such as leafy greens and cucumbers, laughing, making loving actions and living your dreams.  Finding the compassion within you for yourself and all living entities, finding the love that you truly are - for yourself and for the whole world.
Let us laugh more and honour the original and vital life force that you truly are.
Have beautiful days, fill your hearts and smile for yourself
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 
mangala - nicky

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Approaching Savasana

When the body and mind are constantly overworked, their natural efficiency diminishes.  The modern world of social life, demands from work and family, bad food choices and entertainment make it difficult for people to relax.  There is so much tension even when we are trying to relax, and much of the body’s energy is wasted, giving rise to illness and erroneous ways of thinking causing ourselves harm.
As long as one is identifying with the body there will be worries, anxieties, fear and angers.  This is why we have to approach savasana with as much integrity as any other Yogic pose.  Emotions bring tension; Yogis know that unless they can separate themselves from the body/mind consciousness there is no way to obtain complete relaxation and radiant health.
Approach savasana with as much integrity and awareness as the rest of the practice that you have undertaken.
Lie on your back, feet about 1-2 feet apart and the arms around 45 degrees from the body; make sure your head is line with your spine.  Now scan through your body from the toes up and feel where the connection is to the earth that is offering support.  Now trust the earth and slowly begin to let go of the tension you are holding within you, feel the weight of the pelvis, the shoulders the back of the head.  Then try to deepen into that weight.
Begin to find and explore through your inner landscape, know the parts of you that need some more care or love and hold no judgment over them.
Go deeper than just making shapes with your body, feel all the sensations and listen to your internal self.
Begin to find your breath and then start to arrive into the practice.  We are yoga, this is your natural state and this is what we need to bring ourselves back to – our natural state.

Om Lokha Somastha Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings be balanced in harmony and peace
Have Beautiful days
mangala / nicky