Monday, July 18, 2011


"Be Childlike. Be simple. Be humble. The portals of the temple of wisdom are open unto the humble and simple." Sri Swami Sivananda.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yoga Mangala is moving to Kathmandu

Well the winds of change came again and only having two weeks left here as a residence in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, I thought I would take this time to make a post about my move.
Mostly I would just like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all my fellow Yogi's and students here, who have enriched my life no end. I have learned so much from you all, you have all reached the depths of my heart where I will keep you. I hope you have gained from the sweaty times on the mat and the laughter times, in giving me the honor of sharing Om with you and this beautiful thing called Yoga. I salute you all and wish you all the very best in your journey's, please do keep in touch, now we are connected with the vital energy; prana, which I hope I can continue to share with you even across the miles.
Moving away is a time of happiness, of excitement of what may lay ahead, but also a time of sadness when one has to leave all those smiling faces that have meant so much.
Moving to Kathmandu, well lets see what happens, I hope that yoga mangala will continue to grow, to share with more and more people, and I will continue to learn. Nepal itself has so much to offer, the birth place of Lord Buddah, the energy of the Himalaya, those enigmatic eyes baring down from the stupa's, but it will be what it will be, and it is important to remember that home is in the journey.
I will certainly be back in KL in the future to give workshops and classes and hopefully you will all be over to Kathmandu for yoga classes, workshops, yoga vacations and maybe even yoga trecks through the mountains, so keep an eye on this blog to keep updated on what is happening, or even just pop over to come and say hi and share some Nepali vegetarian food!
For now I truly wish you every happiness in your own journeys, that you find the pure light that resides within you and take refuge in your own true self.
I will miss you all, but you will be forever in my hearts
Om Om shanti Om
Hari Om Tat Sat
love and light always
nicky x

Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Points of Yoga

The Yogi sees life as a triangle; the physical body undergoes birth, growth, change, decay and death. Yogi's say however that we are not born merely to be subject to pain and suffering, disease and death. There is a far greater purpose to life. For this reason the ancient sages of India developed an integral system to ward of the decaying process and to keep the physical and mental faculties strong. This is the system of yoga; a simple and natural programme involving 5 main principles.

1. Proper Exercise
The yoga asana's (postures) act as a lubricating routine to the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and all the internal organs. They increase the circulation and flexibility, massaging and stimulating all internal organs and glands. This form of exercise can be compared to no other.

2. Proper Breathing
Pranayama or breathing exercises aid the body in connecting to the solar plexus where tremendous potential energy is stored, which can be released for physical and mental rejuvenation. These exercises also clean and refresh the whole respiratory system and can increase lung capacity.

3. Proper Relaxation
Lying in the relaxation pose, cools down the body, when the body and mind are continually overworked their efficiency diminishes. Relaxation is nature’s way of recharging the body and mind.

4. Proper Diet
The yogi diet is strictly vegetarian including dairy products such as milk and yoghurt. We need the correct fuel for the body and mind, to give the correct energy and keep the mind calm. This diet gives optimum utilization of food, air, water and sunlight.

5. Positive thinking and meditation
This puts you in control; through meditation and positive thinking we can start to purify the intellect, bringing the lower nature under conscious control, through steadiness and concentration of the mind.

Consider these five points within your practice for a healthy and happy daily life, Om Om shanti :-)