Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If we could only all behave like cells!

Recently in an anatomy class we were discussing the behaviour of cells compared with Yogi behavior, it was really interesting so thought I would share some ideas with you. You have a higher purpose. Each cell of your body works for the greater good of the whole body system. Selfishness is not an option. You are in communion with the whole of life. All cells keep in touch with every other cell. Being withdrawn or refusing to communicate is not an option. Your awareness is always open to change, from moment to moment sense everything in your environment. Cells adapt from moment to moment. Getting caught up in rigid habits is not an option. You feel acceptance for all others as your equal without judgement or prejudices. Cells recognise each other as equally important. Your being is cradled in the rhythm of the universe, you feel safe and nurtured. Cells obey the universal cycle of rest and activity. Being obsessively active is not an option. Let life bring you what you need, force control and struggle are not your way. Cells function with the smallest expenditure. Hope to see you all on the mat for a blissful session where we can put into practice all the behaviour of our cells! Om om shanti om smiling from the heart.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch with Prem

Lunch with Love! We are what we eat; as human beings we need food for fuel to give us energy and to repair body tissues, and as yogi’s living a mindful life we should be very aware of what we are putting inside this body vehicle. Toxin build up in the body can accumulate in the joints and thus cause pain, much of these toxins are ingested through what we eat, preservatives, colourings, excess uric acid etc, being vegetarian and sticking to a natural pure diet will prolong life and give more disease resistance.
There are three types of food; sattvic – pure food, rajasic – stimulating food and tamasic – impure of rotten food.
Fruit, vegetables, grains, cows milk and butter come under sattvic food. Spices, hot substances such as chilli, fish, meat and eggs are rajasic. Rotting or overripe foods are tamasic this would also include frozen, pre-packed, processed and refined food (most food you find in the supermarket shelves!)
People’s preference to the different food types is in accordance to the level of their mind or evolution of their mind. As yogis we try to make our diet as sattvic as possible bringing calmness and purity to the mind. Sattvic foods are nourishing and soothing to the body. Rajasic foods bring restlessness to both body and mind and can cause nervous and circulatory disorders such as high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Tamasic food makes a person dull, lazy and diminishes his or her thinking capacity, as well as bringing a host of ailments to the body.
Recently I was trekking high up in the Himalaya, staying in teahouses where food was quite limited. I ate several things that I wouldn’t normally eat such as biscuits and packaged noodles. I felt pain in my body even only after a couple of days, my practice became clumsy and my flexibility was less, but when I returned back to my normal diet of pure natural foods the pain went and practice resumed as normal. This isn’t the first time this has been proven to myself after a little indulgence. So when preparing your food and doing your shopping, be mindful and cook with prem (love) for yourself.

Achintya Sakti Dahl

Yellow lentils rich in phosphorus
Mixed bean Dahl rich in iron
Pumpkin rich in potassium and magnesium
Carrot rich in vitamin A, B1, C, calcium and iron
Grated coconut rich in Vitamin B1, B2 and phosphorus
Ground black pepper
White pepper

Wash the yellow lentils and mixed bean Dahl completely until the water is running clear and soak for an hour or two. Then place onto boil for about half an hour reducing the heat to simmer. Add the vegetables, ground pepper and white pepper and half a teaspoon of turmeric, leave to simmer for about another 15-20 minutes, then add a heaped tablespoon of grated coconut and simmer for another few minutes. Serve with fresh lettuce leaves sprinkled with watermelon seeds, a few sprigs of steamed asparagus, and boiled new potatoes. YUM!
"The Yogic student needs a pure, nontoxic and balanced diet for the development of the body and mind in order to reach the highest spiritual perfection." Swami VishnuDevananda
Smiling from the heart
Om Shanit :-)