Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If we could only all behave like cells!

Recently in an anatomy class we were discussing the behaviour of cells compared with Yogi behavior, it was really interesting so thought I would share some ideas with you. You have a higher purpose. Each cell of your body works for the greater good of the whole body system. Selfishness is not an option. You are in communion with the whole of life. All cells keep in touch with every other cell. Being withdrawn or refusing to communicate is not an option. Your awareness is always open to change, from moment to moment sense everything in your environment. Cells adapt from moment to moment. Getting caught up in rigid habits is not an option. You feel acceptance for all others as your equal without judgement or prejudices. Cells recognise each other as equally important. Your being is cradled in the rhythm of the universe, you feel safe and nurtured. Cells obey the universal cycle of rest and activity. Being obsessively active is not an option. Let life bring you what you need, force control and struggle are not your way. Cells function with the smallest expenditure. Hope to see you all on the mat for a blissful session where we can put into practice all the behaviour of our cells! Om om shanti om smiling from the heart.

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