Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yoga Day out at Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Namaste Everyone, Om Namah Sivaya
So here is our next visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Thankot.  Escape the city for a full day of yoga activities outlined as below and relax in the green environment of the Ashram.  The Ashram is home to about 200 children and adults who live there in a peaceful sanctuary, where they can learn and grow without the worries of life that they would have normally have faced.  The children would have had to have lived in very difficult situations if they had not been taken in, so come and meet them and their beautiful smiles! 

Saturday 9th March
8.30am dept from Pranamaya Yoga Studio; Moksh Patan
9.15am arrive and herbal tea
9.45am Pranayama class with Nicky.  Enjoy the energizing and cleansing benefits of breathing properly
10.15am 5 min break
10.20am Asana class with Nicky.  Enjoy full relaxation, Suryia Namaskar to work through every muscle of the body and ground yourself bringing courage to our daily life, and a set of postures to open up your 7 main energy centres within the body leaving you transformed into a fresh new you!
12.00pm Lunch, fully organic vegetarian lunch.  Time to visit the Ashram shop and order any organic vegetables, milk and yoghurt.  The Ashram has its own fully organic farm with about 40 cows that are also fed fully organically and their produce is delicious!
1.15pm Cultural performance of classical Indian Dance, performed by the children of the Ashram
2.00pm break
2.15pm Talk with Ramchandra the director of the Ashram on who was Sri Arubindo, the Mother and their teachings, and about the Ashram here at Thankot and what they are doing there.
3.00pm herbal tea break
3.15pm Yoga Nidra with Nicky.  Learn the art of throwing off the burdens to sleep with awareness and completely relax every part of you; physically, emotionally and mentally.  Mostly the activities we take up to relax are just diversions from the senses, this way full relaxation and rejuvenation is achieved which is vital for humanities well being.
4.15pm Snack and time to collect any veg, milk and yoghurt that you have ordered
4.45pm dept for Kathmandu

All water will be provided, the cost for the day will be RPS2500 of which RPS1500 goes directly to the Ashram to support the good work that they are doing.
If you could bring your own yoga mat it would be appreciated and please wear appropriate clothing for the Ashram environment, knees and shoulders covered.
For bookings please email

For now have a wonderful day
OM Shanti OM

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