Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pilgrimage to the heart.

So we have said in the last posting that to really discover ourselves we need to detach ourselves from our senses which expose us to the chaos of the outside world.  I have travelled so much of the world over the last 20 years, which has been a real privilege.  I have met so many different people, crossed the shores and climbed the mountains, but now the last and most adventurous frontier awaits; a journey within.  Stillness is what I need now in my life as Columbus crossed the oceans on a journey of discovery, I want to cross the ocean of my heart and find the reality that exists there.  We have said that the senses are what bind us to the external world, so how can we practice, pratyahara; the withdrawal of the senses, how indeed do we dive into our hearts?  Of course the key is in meditation, it is through this practice that we can explore ourselves and make union with the one divine consciousness.  One method is the use of Yoni Mudra, which is a gesture that allows one to withdraw and close off from the external.  Yoni means uterus or womb and through this practice we can journey back to the time we were in the womb when there was no external existence.  This practice puts you in touch with your inner sounds, relieves stress, relaxes the mind, regulates the nervous system, brings mental clarity and spiritual calmness.  There are two ways to practice, both can be very powerful and one should be of sound mind to do so or practicing under the guidance of a teacher.
Firstly sitting In a comfortable cross legged pose with the spine straight, chin dropped very slightly to lengthen the back of the neck.  To make the mudra, interlace your fingers bringing the index fingers together and the thumbs together, thus making the shape of the uterus, sit and bring your awareness to the breath and imagine yourself back in the womb, completely safe and secure and begin your journey within.
Yoni Mudra can also be practiced by covering the ears with the thumbs, the index fingers gently closing the eye lids as you internally look up to the point between your eyebrows your third eye centre, the middle fingers close the nostrils and the ring fingers push gently down on the upper lip to keep the mouth closed.  The tongue should be touching the roof of the mouth.  Before you close the nostrils inhale to a comfortable level in the lungs then close the nostrils and hold the breath for as long as is comfortable, never forcing anything.  Release the nostrils to exhale and repeat for several rounds.
This can be a very powerful exploration so practice gently and with respect to your body and mind, always start slowly for a short amount of time and build it up gradually. 
Enjoy your pilgrimage to your heart
Om Lokha Somastha Sukino Bhavantu
May all living beings find balance, harmony and peace.
mangala / nicky

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