Monday, April 29, 2013

Yoga is better than good; 16 reasons to practice.

We all practice our yoga for many different reasons and actually many of the same reasons.  But I think it is safe to say for everyone of us we practice because yoga makes us feel good!  It tastes good, it is good, it is better than good it is wonderfully amazing!  For myself it has brought so many benefits both physically and mentally, too many to bore you with here, but here are some of the reasons to practice according to Yogacharya Sundaram:
1. This yogic system benefits the vital organs of the heart and lungs directly and maintains them in supreme efficiency.
2. It induces effective and vigorous blood circulation and completely eliminates all impurities from the system.
3. This ensures the ductless glands function in a normal way and makes sure they secrete their juices effectively maintaining absorption into the blood stream.
4. This destroys harmful bacteriological invaders and increases the anti-bacteriologic power of the blood to a remarkable level.
5. It helps growth and maintains the metabolic system.
6. It keeps the body handsome!
7. It prevents accumulation of adipose tissues or useless flesh.
8. It increases longevity.
9. It purifies the senses and the sense organs.
10. It provides plenty of blood supply to the brain and increases the brain power.
11. It stimulates proper and balanced functioning of the entire nervous system, both sympathetic and parasympathetic. 
12. It brings about purification and easy control of the emotions; lust, anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, delusion and over excitement.
13. It brings peace and harmony to the mind.
14. It brings about harmonious and efficient distribution of Praana or energy in the body and enables such energy to carry on the work of the system perfectly.
15. It enables and gives enough endurance and viatlity for carrying out more than the usual quantum of physical and mental work if without undue strain to either the body or the mind.
16. It enables each of us to excel in his or her own setting or profession.

So what could be better than that!  Lets roll out our mats and get started 
Have a great practice
may you always have love and peace in your heart
mangala / nicky

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