Monday, March 17, 2014

Smile from within and be content!

Contentment is one of the four gateways to liberation according to the Yoga Vasistha; the supreme yoga.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to not be worried about what is around the corner, to not be worried about what the future holds, but to just have that warm smile from within in contentment of any situation, ready to flow with the river to wherever it may take you.  To not need to quench the thirst of our senses and sense pleasures but just be able to sit in good and wise company and simply be content.  Here is what the Yoga Vasistha says, an ancient scripture that can answer all the questions that arise from the human mind.  It is a dialogue between the Sage Vasistha and a young Lord Rama who has fallen into a depression, it has been a favourite scripture of spiritual seekers over the past few centuries and has a real rational and accessible approach of Vedanta philosophy, so enjoy -

“Contentment is another gate-keeper to liberation.  He who has quaffed the nectar of contentment does not relish craving for sense-pleasures: no delight in this world is as sweet as contentment. 
What is contentment?  To renounce all craving for what is not obtained un-sought and satisfied with what comes unsought, without being elated or depressed even by them -  this is contentment.  As long as one is not satisfied in the self, he will be subjected to sorrow.  With the rise of contentment the purity of one’s heart blooms.  The contented man who possesses nothing owns the world.”

It goes on to tell us that as well as contentment that also self-control, enquiry and keeping company of the good and wise are also gateways to liberation.  It is very hard to just be content the same as it is very hard to just stop being sad if you are sad, but through our practice we can find the answers, through the practice of just one of these gate-keepers then the other 3 will follow, but it has to be through our own self effort.  The highest wisdom will then seek you of its own accord, it explains that until you can tame the wild elephant we call the mind through these 4 practices of contentment, wise company, self enquiry and self control there can be little or no progress towards the supreme goal, to free ourselves, therefore we must practice!

So let us smile from within in contentment of our beings, sit in your own love and light, beautiful people will want to be with you when you yourself are content and have calmed all wants of this and that.  Be satisfied in the fact you have this wonderful human life where you can discover yourself, that is enough to be contented with isn’t it?

Om Lokha Somastha Sukhino Bhavantu
May you all find peace, balance and happiness
Om Shanti Shanti Shantih
Peace peace and perfect peace

Mangala / Nicky

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