Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things as They are.

It is very difficult to imagine the beginning of consciousness, time is within that consciousness, when we are in a deep sleep that time disappears there is no time and when we wake time reappears.  The past and future are continually playing on the mind it is very difficult to remain in the present feeling completely contented with things as they are.  This thing of time is a cover and the cover has to be removed during our waking state to reach a state of yoga, that of complete contentedness with every thing just the way it is.  But whilst we are travelling here in these human bodies we have the desire to be happy, to be more and more happy and we tend to be forever thinking of the next moment, ignoring this present one, wanting everything tomorrow to be safe and happy.  We don’t want to worry but we always worry.  We have to create a mind that is not going to be disturbed in any circumstance both in success and in failure.  External conditions should not disturb us there should be harmony.  We need to develop a mind that is in balance always.  The study of Vedanta philosophy never gives you a new knowledge, it simply removes the wrong notions about ourselves, the knowledge is already there, it teaches us that things that are coming and going are not truth, Vedanta is not going to tell you what you will become but it will tell you what you already are.  Try not to get attached to your feelings and experiences, enjoy them but don’t get attached to them, be the constant observer.  The wave is always searching the water, the cloth is searching the thread, as the person on the spiritual path is searching for truth and happiness but everything is already within us.  The wave is the very water itself as the cloth is the thread as we are Brahman: meaning absolute consciousness, existence and bliss, this is our true nature.  The body is changing every fraction of a second, we are born, undergo growth, change, existence, decay and eventually death, but this abode it temporary the light that we truly are, the light that never changes which can only be the truth has no beginning or end.  In the knowledge of what we truly are then there should be no need to worry about what is around the corner what we will become because we already are.  Our essential nature is pure joy and happiness, but the veils that prevent us from seeing that seem to become thicker and thicker, it is our right to find once again our true self and yoga is there for all of humanity to help us find it.  To put us on the path to a complete and meaningful life where everything just is at it is.  Everything generates from energy, the energy keeps moving from one wave length to another, and through our actions and the way we think we can either accelerate or slow down this energy.  Through a deep practice of yoga we can control the anabolic and catabolic systems better, (systems of rejuvenation and decay.)  Our minds should be relaxed and alert at the same time, in action and relaxed, not full of stress and worry.  We cannot stop old age to the body, this process is inevitable, but we can make happy and peaceful minds that are content with things as they are.  Yoga shows the way.
Looking forward to seeing you all on the mat,
Om Lokha Somasta Sukhino Bavantu
May we all find peace balance and harmony
Om Om Shanti Om
Mangala / Nicky

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