Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Power of Suryia Namaskar

Suryia Namaskar; the sun salutation, is a beautiful practice that enables us to bow down to the sun.  Why should we bow to the sun, well the sun is the very life source of this planet, without the sun there is no life, nothing grows there is no breath, so it is important to recognise or remember the essence of our very being and show our gratitude.  The sun is in everything, all that we eat, drink and breathe contains the sun and in Suryia Namaskar we learn to digest that energy and internalise it.  We can begin to shine from within and make light part of our every breath. 
Suryia Namaskar is so much more than just a physical excersise to mobilise the joints and muscles increasing flexibility, this is about re-tuning ourselves and bringing ourselves back into harmony with nature becoming in sync with the suns cycles – this giver of life.
There are 12 positions of the sun in a year and the cycles run around 12 and ¼ years so it not by happy accident that there are 12 postures within the salutation, this was intended for each one to represent on cycle. 
As Sadhguru says, ‘Suryia Namaskar is to make the body a stepping stone for higher possibilities.’
Becoming inline or together with the solar cycle enables us to bring back balance and harmony not only to our physical bodies but to ourselves as a whole, it is not the goal to become perfect, you are already that in a physical sense but it is the goal to become whole and fulfilled.  It is enabling us to reconnect to the very essence, which makes our being making us feel complete.  It can build the foundations for a higher level of consciousness and bringing us inline with the nature that surrounds us can bring stability and steadiness, bringing more confidence, which then enables us to continue with our evolution.
Quite simply Suryia Namaskar brings empowerment so what a better way than to start your day with a few rounds not only to wake up and detox the body but also to wake up and detox the mind. 
Catch the sun in the palms of your hands and bring him into your heart.
Enjoy bowing to the master of light
For now have beautiful days
Om Om shanti Om
Mangala / Nicky

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