Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flowers have a Voice and a significance

Everything that surrounds us is also part of us; everything has a consciousness and can give energy.  The things that surround us have an effect on our beings either positive or negative, the colours we observe, the smells, the shapes and feel of things can all bring healing or disturbance to the balance of our inner selves.  Flowers can hold so many different meanings and symbolise many different aspects of this human existence, they share their beauty with anyone willing to notice them.  I found these words by Shambhavi Lorain Chopra the author of Yogini, and found them so lovely I wanted to share, so enjoy!
“Each flower symbolises an aspiration, an emanation, and a Divine quality.  A flower radiates beauty, joy and tenderness, a sweet aroma to all that surrounds it.  The Indian woman always adorns her hair with flowers.  Beauty is the joyous offering of Nature.  Flowers symbolise the deep connection between the cosmos and our psychic world.  They absorb the pain, negativity, stress and excessive heat from our beings and release it, giving us peace and happiness. 
Flowers find expression through silence, stillness and beauty.  This is because their means of expression is less developed than that of the human being, but their soul still has a voice.  They are truly a manifestation of the psychic in the plant world.  Forming a deep love and consciousness contact with flowers will make us receptive to our higher self and awaken us to our psychic or heart consciousness. 
Plants need sunlight to live, there whole lives is a true worship of light, a light that contains divinity.  The sun represents the supreme consciousness.  Plants aspire intensely to catch the rays of sunlight and will make every effort to reach out to it for their survival.  This is their consciousness their will to live! They will find a way to touch the strains of sunlight even at the cost of mangling their shapes.”

When I do my sun salutations I think of these words and the plants and flowers reaching for the light and I learn from them.  Reaching reaching for that wonderful light to bring it to my heart, bringing creation and illumination. 
Oh for the joy of plants and their generosity giving us beautiful flowers, we too can blossom with this beautiful practice of yoga.

Have beautiful days
Om shanti shanti shanti
Mangala / Nicky

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