Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thoughts on World Yoga Day

June 21st was initiated by the Indian Prime Minister and then declared by the United Nations to be celebrated every year as an International world yoga day.  To me this is truly a wonderful thing and a great opportunity.
Yoga is an exploration, a journey, and a long and varied discovery into the very depths of our existence.  It gives us the means to know the very essence of what we are, what our limitations are and then enables us to rise above them.
Yoga to unite, to become one, to become contented and joyous, to be able to handle any situation in a peaceful manor, pre-dates all religions and when taught in its purest form – that in love – has opened up endless possibilities over centuries.  I believe it is the responsibility of this generation to keep it alive and available for all of humanity and all of living entities.
We are at a crucial time in history when science and technology have exceeded our very expectations, when everyone seems connected to an android, a chip, a wireless – you name it, it is there.  We can seemingly make or break the whole world with a touch or a button.  But there is so much restlessness, so much conflict, so much greed and an inability to communicate from the heart without some form of modem, moogle, google or what not!
Humanity in large has forgotten to connect to that which is real, it has forgotten the truth and in turn has become sick.
It is through the many practices and paths of yoga that we can again become well and continue our evolution.  We can strive to be more compassionate, less greedy and bothered with our own little discomforts.  It is through these practices that we can find the truth into who we are and this brings wealth in health and happiness.  Happiness is our true nature and our birthright; all knowledge is within us, al peace within us.
Yoga gives us the opportunity to increase and build upon our wisdom; we have no right to grieve, a wise man neither grieves for the living or the dead, everything is in its place.  Yoga gives us the knowledge of ‘Who am I.’ What we essentially are we can find in yoga and this knowledge brings us freedom from our suffering of our limited selves the fundamental problems of the human mind, so afraid of death, so afraid of sorrow and so afraid of ignorance.  There is no need to grieve of these things, just look within, practice with effort, determination, strength of a lion and dedication and our ignorance will depart and wisdom will fill our souls.
I am saddened as already I am hearing conflict about which day should this joyous day of yoga be held on, certain groups say we already hold a world yoga day, well why do we not know about it?  I am saddened as business are cashing in on this day making expensive yoga packages, that yoga has become branded and manipulated.  I hear of conflicts from religious groups that oppose the declaration from the Indian prime minister on making yoga a part of the national curriculum in their schools. 
Let us stop and put an end to this silliness, let us stop this pettiness and conflicts.  The 21st of June is a joyous day, a new beginning where we should start working for the world; working for peace for ourselves, for all living entities and for Mother Earth.  And infact who should care if it is 21st June or tomorrow or last week, every day, every breath even we should be working for this.
It is my dream that within the life time of this physical body that is with me now, I see all children in all schools around the world practicing yoga, that they will become so wise and continue the evolution of humanity and lead us to an eventual liberation for all.
Let us stop this cloning, this fear of moving on from what we are, we need to move forward and it is not technology and science that will do that.  It is my belief that it will come from the ability to open our eyes and look and journey within, to heal ourselves is to heal the world.  Wellness is within us we just need the beautiful light of yoga to show us.
From this day it is my intention to spread this wonder as much as possible, as much as I am able to, and I endeavour to start now with our children, no matter what their age, 3 years or 15 years, they are our future.  They may become our politicians, our world leaders and our ambassadors.  And what our leaders need is to know peace themselves, to know compassion themselves.  To know themselves is to know the world. 
Namaste – bring the palms of your hands together and bring two polarities together, black and white together, hot and cold together, all religions together, and simply breath.

World yoga day at Pranamaya yoga studio, Patan, Kathmandu. June 21st.
Kids 9-10am, everyone 10.30-12.30pm.
Let us unite.
Mangala / nicky 

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