Thursday, November 19, 2015

Metta Bhavana, a Meditation of Love and Kindness to clean the Cobwebs in the Mind.

Every day we seem to scrub ourselves on the external side with all sorts of products, bringing a sense of cleanliness to our physical selves, but what about the internal realm, our minds also need the cobwebs removed!  Through each day our minds get clouded with all the conversations and activities that each day brings, our emotions rise and fall and each thought wave gives rise to another, so here is a lovely meditation to help clear out the mind without having to use any soap, natural or not!
I love to do this mediation before going to sleep, it seems to lull me into a nice comfortable place where my mind can rest and drift off to that blissful place and allow me to play a nice game of shut eye!
This practice is known as Metta Bhavana, meaning loving kindness where you direct just that to yourself, a loved or cherished one, a neutral person and to somebody you are having difficulty with.  Sit in a comfortable position, one you can maintain for some time, with the spine straight, or if sitting is difficult for you then do it lying in savasana – on your back with legs apart, the arms apart from your body with the palms facing up to the sky.  Softly close your eyes and allow the breath to be effortless and easy.  For a few moments mentally scan through the body starting at your toes and working up to the crown of your head, becoming aware of each part of your physical self, allowing any sensations to run through your being, observing them but holding no judgment of them, taking a bit of time to tune in to your physical self and bring the mind and the body closer together.  Then begin to expand from that and focus on your breath, notice every inhalation as it enters your nostrils then follow it through the nose and down into the lungs.  Then follow the breath back out of the body and observe a gentle warmth on the upper lip with every exhalation. Stay with that breath for a couple of minutes.  Then we begin to repeat the mantra – May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free from suffering and May you progress.  The first few times you mentally repeat this, imagine yourself at your third eye center, the point at the middle of your eyebrows, directing that love and kindness to yourself.  Then the next few times imagine a loved one, and then a neutral person and then somebody you are having some difficulty with.  You may want to go around the cycle again or even a few times.  This is going to generate positivity and take us away from negativity and the negative karma that we generate from our thoughts.  When we are having troubles with somebody or even a group of people it is usually the case that they are not happy and are suffering, if they were happy we probably wouldn’t have problems with them.  Or maybe it is our own unhappiness that is causing the problem, in which case we need to direct more love and kindness back to ourselves!  When you have completed then let any visualizations go, let the mantra go and bring your attention back to your breathing for some time, when you are ready rub the palms together to create a warmth and gently cup them over your eyes, gentleyopen your eyes and release your hands, or if you are practicing in bed then simply drift off to sleep! 
Enjoy your loving kindness; bring positivity and a fresh mind!
For now have beautiful days
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
May we all be peaceful.
Mangala / Nicky.

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