Monday, February 15, 2016

The Origins of Yoga.

More than 15000 years ago Adi Yogi; the first Yogi introduced this beautiful passageway of finding our true selves to humankind.  This passageway is called Yoga.
This one called Adi Yogi first appeared up in the Himalayan range, sometimes he seemed to be in an ecstatic dance and sometimes he was utterly still.  But people could see that there was something about him, something within him, something he was experiencing that they did not know, and they became inquisitive.  But Adi Yogi showed them no attention as they observed him; he was contained within his own practice and was oblivious to them.  People waited and waited but after a long time of being ignored they became impatient and bored and left apart from seven men.  These seven really recognized something in this Yogi and patiently waited.  Adi Yogi only saw them as fools and still ignored them; he believed they would never be ready to receive teachings telling them how much preparation was needed for these practices and that there weren’t just for entertainment.  But still these seven men were persistent, patient and accepting of the voice of Adi Yogi, so they started to prepare in hope that one day they would be ready.
After 84 years of preparation, patience and practice Adi Yogi looked at them and saw that they were shinning and that they were ready to receive knowledge at last, they were now grabbing his attention.  So on full moon on the summer solstice he turned south to face them and became their Guru, their teacher.  He became Adi Guru, the first teacher and showed them his grace and began to transmit the science of yoga to these men.
“The Yogic science is not about a yoga class that you go through about how to bend your body – which every new born infant knows – or how to hold your breath – which every unborn infant knows.  This is the science of understanding the mechanics of the entire human system.”  Sadhguru.
After many many years the transformation of these seven men was complete and they had reached their enlightenment, seven basic forms of yoga had been instilled in them which can still be seen today, and they were sent off to different parts of the world to impart the teachings of yoga – a means to evolve oneself; to the rest of humanity.
“They became the limbs of Shiva (Adi Yogi) taking the knowing and technology of how a human being can exist as the creator himself to the world.” Sadhguru.
With these teachings we can go beyond what we know right now, you can go beyond all limitations if you are prepared and with absolute dedication.  All is possible there is no limit.
Inspired by the article written by Sadhguru regarding the first Yogi in preparation for the world first international Yoga day last year and by a question from a little friend this weekend – can you levitate Miss Nicky?
Have inspired and limitless days!
Mangala / Nicky.

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