Wednesday, April 13, 2016

8 Ways in which we learn to achieve harmony.

Our tails fell away and we moved from monkey to man, at least in our physical sense, but what about the monkey mind? It is always restless and moving, jumping here and there and imitating that which we like or are tempted by.
So how do we evolve the mind as well as the body?  We learn in 8 different ways and if we can apply those 8 ways to our yoga practice the mind will slowly over time calm down and find contentment and peace. In writing it sounds easy, just do this and you will be happy and in reality it takes patience, dedication and time, but the traumas the mind can cause will become weaker and weaker and the emotions we strive for like happiness and joy will become greater.  Our unnecessary wanderings and wastefulness of energy will slow down and we can find stillness. 
If we look to nature and imitate the wisdom of the plants and trees our inner wisdom will increase.  Trees don’t become depressed because their leaves fall, flowers aren’t sad and discontented when they close.  They simply just are, not looking, not searching and not minding what happens.  A mountain is at peace whether it is covered in flowers or if it is covered in snow, it is unaffected.
With these 8 ways of learning there is scope to reach out to all beings, to find a way where we too can just be and find contentment and strength, not minding what happens, but just being.
Verbal Learning
The study of the scriptures, reading such illuminating texts as the Bhagavad Gita.  Listening to stories and teachings from inspired Gurus.  Communicating affirmations through speech.
Logical and Mathematical Learning
Working with various breathing techniques, the counting of the breath and looking at the mathematics behind yogic postures such as the alignment with stars etc.
Visual Learning
Using mandalas, yatras and uplifting images to lead us to focus the mind and lead us into meditation.
Body Intelligence
Working through yogic postures and proper relaxation.  Following a yogic diet – pure and natural and vegetarian.
Musical Intelligence
Chanting of mantras and the singing of Kirtan, nada yoga – listening to sattvic sounds to activate and stimulate and unblock our energy centers.
Interpersonal Intelligence
Communicating with others – Karma yoga working for others, partner yoga.
Intrapersonal Intelligence
Self-reflection, meditation practices, questioning who am I? And self-observation.
Naturalist Intelligence
Being in nature, getting out there and enjoying our beautiful planet.

Through these practices we can balance through our body, mind, emotions and energy forces within us and harmonize through them all.  Once they become in harmony with each other, then anything is possible.  Then make your choices of what you really want and don’t mind what happens!

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants.  The question is what are we busy about?  Henry David Thoreaux.

Have beautiful days
AUM Shanti AUM
Mangala / Nicky.

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