Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why should I practice Yoga?

Yoga is a unique and ancient system brought to humanity over 15000 years ago.  It enables us to bring balance back to our systems, including the physical body, the mental body, your energies and emotions.  The word YOGA means to unite, to bring to together it is a Sanskrit word meaning to yolk.  The system is there for the benefit of all of humanity, no matter where you are from, what age you are, what your culture is, or what faith you have or if you have no faith.  It is the science of bringing together all the levels that make you human, of joining your inner space with the outer space, of bringing connection between your deep inner-self with that of all of nature that surrounds you.  It is a system that brings health, joy, peace of mind and calmness.  It works on healing the body and the mind and in turn prevention of bad health and maintaining good health.  There are many paths of yoga, but in a general Hatha class you may expect to focus on gentle movements with awareness of the breath, relaxation techniques which is natures way of recharging and rejuvenating the whole system, postures to stimulate the internal organs providing better functioning of the body and breathing techniques to bring fresh vital energy back.  You may experience meditative techniques to approach the inner-self and find that in actual fact all love, joy, compassion and peace already lies somewhere deep within us. 
However going to your first yoga class can seem a little daunting or even intimidating, but we all have to start somewhere.  It is important that you do a little research and that you find a class that is going to nourish you and not make you run a mile the next time anybody mentions yoga!  Make sure it is a gentle class with a teacher that is going to give you confidence and nurture you.  Know that yoga is for everybody be you strong or weak, flexible or inflexible both mentally and physically.  It is by no way competitive so don’t worry about what others are doing around you, they are on their own journey and you are on yours, we all have our own issues and accomplishments.  Yoga is a step on a beautiful journey to achieving your goals, be that to be able to touch your toes or be able to speak in public with confidence, it is all about the journey.  It can stretch you to limits you didn’t realize that you could achieve and teach you about yourself connecting you to people that can support you on your way.
Yoga can increase your self esteem, confidence, it helps us rise up to do our best, it relieves tension and stress, improves our relationships, makes us stronger, heals our emotions, improves your mood and functions of the body, builds on your self trust and enables you to love yourself.

So come join the journey to find that place within and experience the beauty of Yoga this wonderful gift from the Universe for the whole of the Universe.  If we smile, then those that surround us also smile.

May all beings find their peace, love and pure contentment.
AUM Shanti Shanti Shanti 
Mangala / Nicky

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