Thursday, March 30, 2017

Words of Encouragement.

Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome it.
Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience.
Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion.
Anyone that leaves you is teaching you to stand on your own two feet.
Anything that has power over you is teaching you to take that power back.
Anything you can’t control is teaching you to be able to let go.

Sometimes it is helpful to be reminded of these things, every feeling can be a lesson, we are human, we feel, and how wonderful that is, listen to yourself and watch, see what you have to learn and how far you have already come.  Celebrate the wonders of feeling and when the lower or negative emotions come try to observe them, know about them and then move away from them and spend your time like a sunflower, raising its head to the sun and not noticing the shadows below.  Everything can be beautiful with immense wonder if you choose to see it that way.  You are the master of your own destiny Swami Sivananda repeatedly tells us, so make a choice, that is something that all of humanity has, choice, do you want to live joyfully?  Of course you do, and this is essentially what you truly are, joy, but when the thought waves (vrittis) are there, you cannot see yourself.  So sit comfortably, and listen, listen, listen.  When there is a sorrow vritti, you identify with it, but you are not sorrow, when there is a fearful vritti you identify with it, but you are not fear.  Try to put some distance between yourself and your thoughts, look into your mind without identifying with it, when the vrittis change, your opinion also changes.  Sit and watch and let the mud settle, then you will begin to see clearly what you truly are, that of pure love and joy.  When you drive a car you have to have it under control to reach your destination, the same as you have to get your monkey mind under control, what you think so you become, if you think that you are sick, then you will become sick, if you think that you are depressed, then you will become depressed, learn to meditate making one thought positive and then the next thought positive and so on.  Then you can start to bring the mind and the intellect together.  Practice Japa meditation, discipline the monkey mind and rest in your own true nature.  Don’t live sadly, with fear and jealousy, live joyfully and rest in joy, peace and love.

Be beautiful, have beautiful days,
Shanti shanti shanti
Mangala / nicky.

Community Kids Yoga Teacher Training starts in May 2017.

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