Wednesday, June 14, 2017

International World Yoga Day 2017

I am very happy and excited to announce our Yoga Day Celebration for this year will be held at The Orchid, plot 8, Kintu Road, Nakasaro, Kampala, from 2pm until 8.15pm Wednesday 21st of June,and of course the event is free.  Please do come and join us for all or any of the classes as below, meet the Yoga Mangala teachers and have some Yoga fun!

2.00-2.30pm Discussion what is Yoga?
2.30-3.00pm De-stress through use of the breath.
3.30-4.30pm Kids yoga age 7-11 with Elizabeth.
5.00-6.15pm Gentle Hatha Yoga with James.
6.30-7.30pm Sivananda Asana class with Nicky.
7.30-8.00pm The art of complete relaxation - yoga nidra and nada with Nicky.
8.00-8.15pm Chant for strength and wisdom and chant for peace.
8.15pm Celebration ends with a yummy surprise!

When I had my very first yoga lesson with a beautiful lady called Mala, I felt as if all the searching had stopped, I had come home.  I cannot express enough my gratitude for the practice of yoga, a system that can never do any harm and only bring joy, and my deepest gratitude to all those who have brought it into my life.  Yoga Mangala has concern these days to see how the word yoga and the practice has been commercialized and abused in every way thinkable it seems, to practice in a way that is not yoga at all is a tragedy.  Yoga Mangala endeavors to keep the practice pure and to how it has always been intended to be practiced with depth, love and understanding.  Please do join us to celebrate yourself, all living entities and the whole universe and feel at one and at peace.
All are very very welcome be you someone who has never tried but has interest, or curiosity,  or an advanced practitioner, please join us.
Have beautiful days and looking forward to a wonderful day on the 21st.
Om shanti Om
mangala / nicky

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