Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Namaste, the greeting when we put our hands together in the prayer position in front of our heart centre, but what does it mean?
Simply, I salute you, but who are we saluting? The body is considered illusionary, something that comes and goes, it is a temporary abode. We salute beyond the body and beyond the mind also, Namaste; I salute the divinity within you, the light within you, or I salute the God which you are, you are the eternal being.
Yoga Mangala, well let this be a place we can share anything yogi, anything pure and light, Mangala meaning the bringer of light, all things good, let this be a happy meeting place; a bridge from the darkness to light, so to you all I hold my hands in prayer the form of a lotus bud about to open, bow my head in humility and greet you all with Namaste.
Om Om shanti - nicky

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