Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and the arts, she is the active energy of Brahma: the Lord of creation. Without her dynamic energy there is no creation. She wears white clothes a white garland and is represented by the moon, she is purity itself and worshiped by other Gods. She is the remover of ignorance and laziness, she carries no weapons to destroy lower natures as other Gods do as she is beyond that.
Invoking her name bestows creativity, intelligence, a pure intellect, self control and success in scholarly and creative projects.
I sit in Padmasana (lotus pose) on my mat and repeat
Jaya Saraswati jaya Saraswati jaya Saraswati Pahimam
Sri Saraswati sri Saraswati sri Saraswati Rakshamam
and I am thinking
Dear Saraswati please save me and protect me, come to the garden in my heart, be with me in my practice, let me find creativity as I move from one asana to another. Let me find the self control and the discipline that I need and the intelligence to understand this body, this mind and find the truth of the pure soul that resides within.
Pahimam meaning save me, Rakshimam meaning protect me.
The Sanskrit language comes from within, and by chanting the prayers with the correct pronunciation you are activating your inner knowledge. It creates a specific vibration which activates a specific chakra (psychic energy centre.) Chanting this mantra activates the Swadhisthana chakra, (we will go into the chakra system at a later date) and by this activation we are beginning to eliminate ignorance and all impure qualities. These vibrations in turn echo out into the universe giving positive and peaceful energy to Mother Earth and all living beings. Quite clearly at this time when the Earth is suffering from the effects of mankind, and human and animal suffering is heightened, we need to chant more!
Thank you to all of you who attended Satsang on Sunday, it was a wonderful morning.
Om shanti shanti shanti
smiling from the heart.

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