Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Satsang- Truth in company

I'm holding my first Satsang at the Yoga Mangala studio; Kathmandu this Sunday the 27th November at 6.45am. Satsang meaning truth in company is a beautiful and meaningful experience. The session will begin by candlelight in silent meditation, a short explanation on why we should meditate will be given. Then as we emerge from our journey inward, we will begin chanting a mantra dedicated to Lord Ganeshe; the elephant headed God who helps us overcome the many obstacles on our paths. Moving on to a very beautiful sun and moon healing mantra, and finishing with Om Namo Narayanaya- Prostrations to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the world. Chanting this mantra will bring more harmony and peace into the world. Those of you in Kathmandu please come and share a joyful experience and after we share breakfast together. Those of you in other places in the world, join with me in spirit at this time, sending out our peaceful and joyful vibrations around the world.
"Without the help of meditation, you cannot attain knowledge of the self. Without its aid, you cannot grow into the divine state. Without it, you cannot liberate yourself from the trammels of the mind and attain immortality.
Meditation is the only royal road to freedom. It is a mysterious ladder which reaches from earth to heaven, from error to truth, from darkness to light, from pain to bliss, from restlessness to abiding peace, from ignorance to knowledge. From mortality to immortality." Sri Swami Sivananda
The image of the meditation cave above was made at Pashupatinath, one of Nepal's most important Hindu Temples. The simplicity of such places always touches my heart and remembrance of the great feelings of peace I felt in Swami Vishnu-Devananda's cave on the banks of Mother Ganga, come flooding back to me. I honor those sadhus and holy men dedicating this human life to the practice, spreading peace in a vibrational form. I honor anyone who takes the courage to start their journey inward to find their true selves, a journey full of obstacles, highs and lows. Meditation is no easy practice, the mind is a wild tiger we are trying to tame, but there is no reason to give up- the meditator can make two vital mistakes; giving up before the end, or not starting at all! So join me, take courage, sit cross legged, spine straight, close your eyes, regulate your breath and begin your journey, and I honor you in your practice.
Om shanti shanti shanti
smiling from the heart :-)

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