Thursday, March 8, 2012


At any beginning, of a class, a lecture or any personal Sadhana (spiritual practice) we chant the Dhyana Slokas to help to tune our minds to the Divine and its different aspects. It is said that a saints life is one long prayer, but we don't need to consider ourselves a saint to initiate anything toward a devotional practice. Chanting this prayer helps us become an instrument a channel for a higher purpose and helps to remove the ego. As in any practice we first invoke Lord Ganesha (Gajananam) to remove all the obstacles on our path, then we ask Subramanya to give us strength and destroy all negative forces both internally and externally that are surrounding us. We pray to Saraswati to bring us divine knowledge and creativity before we make the prayer to the Guru, all the guru's to guide us always, to be with us and bring light. Finally we invoke the Divine Mother Durga; Narayani to bring auspiciousness for everything we do, to make like the saint our life one long prayer.
You can listen to the Dhyana Slokas sometimes referred to as Gajananam here:
Happy Chanting
Om shanti shanti shanti

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