Thursday, March 15, 2012

Suryia Namaskar

Worship toward the sun was one of mans first and most natural forms of inner expression. In the Rig Veda, the first Veda, the sun is described as; “the remover of all weakness, healer of all illness. Lord of all the stands and goes. He slays the demons and guards the worshipers. We meditate in the adorable glory of the radiant sun. May he inspire our intelligence.”
Practicing Suryia Namaskar from a yogic point of view awakens the solar aspects of an individual’s nature and releases this vital energy for the purpose of a higher awareness. In ancient days, this exercise was a daily routine in daily spiritual practices, it should be practiced early morning preferably facing the sun, and at the beginning of every asana class. For a stiff person, the sun salutations are a boon to bring back lost flexibility. Most beginners will find the body is stiff because of muscle tension, tightness in the tendons and toxin deposits in the joints. There are 12 spinal positions combining many of the benefits of asana and pranayama, they bring movement to the whole spinal column and great flexibility to the limbs and can be practiced by everyone. The inner mood with which the sun salutations are done is of great importance, the mind must be quiet, calm and focused, being aware of every change that takes place in the body, with practice the awareness will grow and you will find a great beauty within the salutation.
On a physical level, during the exercise blood is distributed to all the organs, circulation increased and all lethargy expelled. Digestion is improved and the spinal nerves toned. The nervous system is regulated, eyes become bright and glowing appearance of good health is gained.
There is no age limit to practice suryia namaskar and the benefits can be profound, so get up in the morning, take a shower, roll out your mat in the direction of the sun and off you go.
Om Mitraya Namah – prostrations to him who is affectionate to all.
Enjoy Suryia Namaskar
Smiling from the heart

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