Wednesday, June 27, 2012


People have often asked me; ‘where is home,’ as I tend to be a bit of a Nomad and move around the world fairly often and my response would have to be, home is in your heart.  Your heart is a place where you can always find refuge and shelter, take stock of who you are and find peace.  If we could all spend a little more time looking within instead of externally we would find a little more happiness.  For the next month, I will be returning home to the house I was born in and to spend some quality time with my parents who I simply don’t get to see enough, our parents are precious, they give us everything, they gave me this body in which I am travelling, they took care of me when I needed them and they give unconditional love, so I am anxious now to get back to them and give them all I can in the little time I have with them back in the UK.  So for the next month there will be no more blog posts, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the practitioners that have been practicing here with me in Kathmandu for the last year, this year I have seen many men join me for class which has been wonderful to see hearts open the practice despite the struggle sometimes, for those who have helped me set up the Yogamangala shala  and have blessed this sacred space with their hard work and sweat on the mat, and to all my practioners from the past who have been keeping in touch and supporting this blog.  I honor all of you as you continue to inspire me as someone who loves to share the beauty of yoga, let us continue our journey together.  Do please join me again come August for more postings of everything yoga, a new class schedule and more events and outings coming up.  For now I will leave you with extracts of a beautiful poem by Swami Sivananda titled ‘A cup of Bliss.’  Enjoy July and hope to see you all on the mat in a month’s time, keep up the practice and shine from within,
Om om shanti Om

A cup of Bliss

The silvery moon, the brilliant sun are my eyes
The rivers are my veins
The stars, the mountains
The herbs, trees and plants
The Vedas and the Devas
Are my expression and my breath
My exhalation is the universe
My inhalation my dissolution
The world is my body
All bodies are mine
All hands, ears, eyes are mine
The fire is my mouth
The wind is my breath
Energy, time proceed from me
All beings throb in me
All hearts pulsate in me
Infinite I am.   

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