Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sing the song Divine

During my yoga classes there is always an emphasis on relaxation as well as use of the breath and yogic postures, and I am using ideas of sound to help the practitioner become more mindful and bring them to a higher awareness.  The concept of relaxation and mindfulness can be a concept far too abstract for many of us, our minds constantly jumping around and it can be difficult to let go and allow ourselves the time to relax.  Being in Savasana is time for the body to heal and rejuvenate, for many of us it is the best time of the practice, whilst for others they can become fidgety and restless as the mind is jumping.  We can take this idea further into our postures and try to use the same relaxation techniques whilst holding poses, this can prepare the mind into a calmer state ready for a final relaxation in savasana.  Emphasis on sound within the practice of yoga can help to open awareness and enrich a more deeper meditative process.  Before there was anything there was a sound - OM, sound creates a natural vibration that can work through our chakras (energy centres) and help us feel the rhythm of life.  It encourages us to listen to our own inner nature and bodies through our practice, and can be a complete massage for the mind.  Today there are so many different styles of yoga, but we musn't forget the reasons for our practice, to go back to the source, to find our true nature, to return to OM.

"Sing the song Divine and let the face shine with light." Sri Swami Sivananda.

looking forward to seeing you all on the mat to share our natural vibrations of sound, om om shanti om.

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