Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Body, Breath, Mind = Bliss @ Sri Aurobindo Ashram

This coming Sat the 29th September marks our second visit to Sri AuroBindo Yoga Mandir Ashram; about 40 minutes driving from Kathmandu.  This event I have called Body, Breath, Mind = Bliss as through our day of kriyas, pranayama and asana's we aim to reach that blissful state.  At least the last time we visited several months ago, certainly we all left with big smiles on our faces, maybe that was due to such delicious food!
The program for Saturday is as follows:
8.30am  dept from Pranamaya yoga studio, Moksh, Patan
9.15am  Arrive at Ashram
9.30am  Practice of Kriyas: cleansing techniques; Udiyana Bandha and Agni Sara.  Pranayama: breathing techniques; Abdominal breath, full yogi breath, Kapala Bati, Anoloma Viloma, Sitali and sikali.  Asana class, covering relaxation, Suryia Namaskar, learn step by step Sirshasana; headstand, and the 12 basic postures of the Sivananda open class.
12.00pm Fully organic vegetarian lunch, grown at the Ashram
1.00pm  Free time to relax in the Ashram grounds, visit the shop and order any organic vegetables, yoghurt, milk, and any other products the Ashram is producing.
1.45pm  Performance of Bharatnatym dance, classical Indian dance originating from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu
2.45pm  Herbal tea break
3.00pm  Guided Meditation and healing mantra RA MA DA SA
4.00pm  pay and collect vegetables etc
4.30pm  Dept for Kathmandu

Anyone wishing to sign up for the day please do so at info@pranamaya-yoga.com
Have a blessed day om shanti shanti shanti
Mangala / nicky

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