Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wonder Tonic

As the monsoon continues here in Kathmandu, I'm starting to hear a few sniffles here and there and complaints of some body aches.  I myself woke up yesterday feeling a wee bit feaverish so looked up an Ayurvedic recipe to keep away the gremlins!  I had one of these drinks in the morning and one in the evening, and today woke up feeling fantastic and full of energy again.  So here's how to make it-
Ground black pepper, 
Fresh ginger cut into small pieces,
Fresh basil leaves
Half a teaspoon of tumeric

Place all the ingredients into a cup and add boiling water like making a cup of tea and let it brew for a few minutes before drinking.  If you are in need of a tonic no matter where you are this is your ticket to a rejuvenated you!
Tumeric has so many health benefits it is a natural antibiotic, natural anti-inflamitory and antiseptic.  Speeds up the healing of wounds, helps to prevent gas/bloating, helps stomach ulcers, is a great tonic for the skin.  It improves asthma and digestion, helps to prevent cancer or to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, is a blood purifier, aids in fat metabloism and weight managment and aids in preventing alzheimers.  I have to admit this tonic drink didn't tickle my taste buds so much but the effects of it are well worth it, so hold your nose and down in one so to speak!  You could always add a little fresh lemon juice to improve the taste.
Saturday 8th of September marks Sri Swami Sivananda's birthday, so join me wherever you are in an hour of meditation in honor of this day.  I have decided this year to go to a lovely Siva Temple out at a place called Dhulikhel, about an hour from Kathmandu to embark on some private meditation and Bhakti yoga, but do join me in spirit to mark the occasion and spread peace back into the world.
Om Lokha Somasta Sukhino Bhavantu
may all beings find harmony and peace
om shanti shanti shanti
smiling from the heart.

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