Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Join me for Mother Earth

As temperatures are rocketing in Australia we cannot ignore the signs that Mother Earth is again giving us.  Staying close to nature means looking after her too.  We can no longer waste time leaving the problem of our suffering planet in the hands of others, we have to start at home and be aware of what we are doing, how much power we are using and what we can cut down on.  Living here in Nepal we experience load shedding, which means we have no electricity for a certain amount of hours each day.  This can range from maybe 3 or 4 hours up to maybe 18 hours at times.  Unfortunately this isn’t for environmental reasons but I think it’s a great idea, it’s amazing how you get used to it and find yourself using electricity much more wisely and being much more aware of not leaving unnecessary things on etc.  I propose that every house hold take one hour a day to turn the electricity off, all those little red lights on standby, everything off.  Don’t worry the freezer won’t defrost in an hour!  Lets help our Mother Earth by making a real effort, she gives us all our nutrients, isn’t it time we all started to give something back.  We can also apply this to other areas as well, using less gas, recently I bought a pressure cooker and it is amazing, what used to take maybe an hour to cook, like soup or dhal, now takes 10 minutes of gas use and it tastes better too!  Think about all the gadgets you have, do you really need all of them?  And try to cut down on the amount of packaging you are consuming, plastic bags are a definite no no, try to buy vegetables from the fruit and veg shop or stall where it is not all sealed and made to look perfect and shiny.  Try to cut down on the amount you are eating, just by a little bit.  Walk some places instead of driving and you will feel better for it too.  Get some fresh air.  Lets really make an effort to make a difference and think of the money you will save on your bills, maybe you could put that money to a really worthy cause that needs your help, or treat someone you know that needs cheering up.  And maybe that hour will give you time for reflection, instead of staring at a screen; you could have a conversation or play a made up game with your children.  So I invite you to take an hour out of power, and invite all your friends, family, work colleagues and anybody you know to do the same.  Lets really start to make a difference.
In yoga we don’t use much but our bodies, breath and minds, however those mats do wear out sometimes pretty quickly so here are some tips with what you can do with your old ones, and when you buy a new one try to go for one with a life time guarantee.
  1. Donate to homeless shelters for sleeping pads
  2. Put under a rug to make it non-slip
  3. Donate to an animal rescue shelter they can be used to line kennels etc
  4. Use as a non-slip surface whilst using drills or power tools
  5. Line kitchen shelves to prevent glass wear from slipping
  6. Use to kneel on to protect your knees when you are gardening or decorating
  7. Cut it up to make a mouse pad or several!
  8. Cut if up for drawer liners
  9. Cut it up to make grip pads for opening jars etc
  10. Cut it to size and use for footpads for furniture
  11. Use under your sleeping bag whilst camping
  12. Use for a protector whilst shipping/ packing
  13. Make children’s toys, masks, letters of the alphabet, shapes for the bath or pool
  14. Plug up drafty places, windows and doors
  15. Makes a great liner under house plants
  16. Keep in the car for those spur of the moment picnics
  17. Use as a liner in the boot of the car to stop your shopping sliding about

Have fun thinking of other ways you could use that old mat, and looking forward to seeing you all on the mat for its other use and that’s to exercise properly, relax properly, breath properly, meditate and to think positively

Om Lokha Somasta Sukhino Bhavantu
May all living entities find peace and balance, and may we help Mother Earth find it too.

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