Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yoga Tastes Good

Svagatom! Welcome to 2013, my thought for the year this year is going to be 'Yoga Tastes good!'  After talking to practitioners during a philosophy class on the 5 points of yoga and the 4 main paths of yoga and discovering what yoga is to different people I decided on this moto for the year.  For all of us we may have different reasons for our practice, but it is very apparent that for all of us, yoga makes us feel good, it brings more balance back into our lives, more confidence and space to breath.  The benefits to our practice are endless and are also a personal thing.  Through our five senses we gain knowledge of the world, when you hear about a beautiful place, you want to go there, well through our practice of yoga you can reach a very beautiful place, full of joy, peace and stillness.  So make this year a year of feeling good, tasting the effects of the beautiful practice of yoga, be you more a karma, bhakti, raja or jnana yogi or yogini, take time to really dive into the joy that is there for the whole of humanity and in return share it with as many others as you can.  It is our duty to help others on their journey towards endless happiness however we need to be happy first ourselves to do this, how can we spread peace if we don't know peace ourselves.  So embark on a year or better still a lifetime of practice and share all those wonderful benefits that you are receiving.  YOGA TASTES GOOD!  I leave you with a quote from Swami Tattvarupananda one of my guiding lights who has taught me much, here is what he says:
'Yoga is more personal than public.  A yogi should be able to focus more about his or her growth.  Practice should be able to give him or her more confidence.  It is not really about standing on your head, we should be able to learn to handle our mind and emotions.  It may look difficult in the beginning, but if there is a sincere effort anybody can reach there.  What we want in life should be clear, with the help of prayer and self effort we will be able to reach the goal.  Be sincere in our practice, that is enough, the rest he will take care of.'

looking forward to seeing you all on the mat for a bit of feeling good!
om om shanti om
mangala / nicky

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  1. Lovely blog post Nicky. And brilliant yoga philosophy class yesterday, I am looking forward to next weeks x