Thursday, September 19, 2013

How we Eat!

Food is our daily medicine, the quality and quantity of food we take each day largely affects how we think and feel, the whole body and mind system is governed by what we are putting into our bodies.  In fact it is the very food that we eat that makes our physical body, the seven Dhatu’s or body tissues are formed from what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and anything in between!  And they are constantly renewing, in fact it is written that our whole physical being renews itself every seven years, so maybe now is the time to start thinking more of what is making your plasma, lymph, blood cells, muscles and bones, nerves and everything else. 
It is imperative that we look after ourselves, all progress, and all awareness starts at home, if we look after ourselves then we can take care of others.  If we take care of others the Universe starts to feel better.  If we start to shine the Universe starts to shine.
Recently I have been made more aware of the Ayurvedic diet and ways of eating, which has been a bit of a revolution to me.  How we can balance ourselves through what we eat and heal ourselves.  All diseases no matter how big or small if they are physical or mental begin through our bodies and minds being out of balance, and through how and what we eat is a way of re-balancing.  Here are some points of the Ayurvedic ways of eating that might help you to be more mindful as to how you take care of that body car of yours

  1. All food should be freshly cooked, fresh produce and where possible organic.  Tinned, canned, frozen and foods in packets are dead foods, full of toxins that are only going to impair how your body and minds are working
  2. You should sit down and eat your meal with a calm and settled mind.  Avoid watching TV, being on the phone/ computer or walking down the road.  Sit peacefully with good posture and enjoy the food.
  3. Try not to eat too quickly or slowly this will lead to indigestion.
  4. The quantity of food taken is important, try not to overeat, the stomach should be ¾ water, ¾ food and ¾ space so as good digestion can take place.
  5. There should be a gap of 3-6 hours depending on your metabolism between eating.
  6. Try not to drink whilst eating as it impairs the digestion, have some water before your meal then wait at least half an hour after eating before again drinking.  Tea and coffee after a meal are disastrous for the digestion!
  7. A good Ayurvedic meal should contain a little of the 6 Rasa’s or tastes- sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent.
  8. Lunch should be the main meal of the day as it is when the digestive fire is highest, in the evening time the digestive fire is low and slow, so having a big meal can leave you lethargic the next day.
  9. Ice cold drinks and foods should be avoided as they impair the digestion greatly and reduce energy levels.
  10. After food sit quietly for a few minutes and then have a little walk to aid digestion, sitting in a chair will slow down the process and induce more toxins into the system.
  11. Don’t eat before going to bed, if you are hungry try drinking a little milk, or eat a small portion of fruit.
  12. Food should be tasty and be good to the eye; digestion actually starts here as we look at the food.
  13. Enjoy your food, it should be wholesome and satisfying and give good energy.

So enjoy your daily medicine and think about what it is you are doing to yourself, a happy body means a happy mind, a happy mind means a happy body, so eat well and look after yourself because you have a beautiful shinning heart and you deserve it.

Om Om shanti Om
Mangala/ Nicky

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