Sunday, October 20, 2013

Raise your heart to the Sun and receive a ray of light.

Suryia Namaskar; the sun salutation, is a vital technique of our yogic repertoire of practice and has been practiced ever since yoga was.  The sun rises and falls around us every day bringing light into lives; illuminating the world unconditionally.  Without light there is nothing.  The sun known as Suryia in Sanskrit allows us to grow, to nourish and to develop, it gives us the vital energy we need as human beings, all plants need to grow and in turn nurture us within the food we eat and allows us to lead a meaningful life.
Without the sun there is no creation, no seed can grow and no fruit can flourish.
Practicing Suryia namaskar should become part of our daily routine like brushing our teeth, and practiced with sincerity, effort and dedication will bring so many benefits to us completely recharging our batteries.
It should become a form of self-expression where you can feel creation itself not practiced just merely as an exercise to maintain physical health.  It allows you to tune into the rhythms of the 24 hours in the day, the 12 zodiac phases of the year, each posture representing one of these phases, and the rhythms of your own body. 
For me there are four forms to Suryia Namaskar
  1. A physical form; improving circulation, flexibility, providing lubrication for the joints and stimulating all the internal organs and ensuring their proper working condition.  It allows us to live dynamically and bring back physical balance, which is vital for mental balance.
  2. A mental form; improving focus and concentration, allows us to begin to let go of our stresses and anxieties, allows us to let go of irrelevant thoughts thus enabling us to live more joyfully.  Suryia Namaskar can be the most powerful tool for mental wellbeing, which is essential for spiritual growth.
  3. A spiritual form; allowing us to sublimate our ego and lower emotions and thoughts and turn to a higher level of thinking.  We can begin to slay the demons of greed, selfishness and anger and have time to be gracious, humble and thankful to this giver of life.
  4. A pranic form; allowing us to receive the solar energy itself and in turn become that energy; shinning like a ray of light both inwardly and outwardly.  The practice has a direct effect on the solar energies of the body bringing totally wellbeing and long life.
Practicing Suryia Namaskar can really make a huge difference to your life slaying all woes and worries and making you a more confident and happy person.  It doesn’t take long to finish a few rounds each day which I’m sure we can all find time for even in our busy lives, taking care of ourselves is imperative that we then can take care of the rest of our duties and commitments.  Without our own health and peace of mind we can’t make a good job of what else is going on around us.  So take time each day to honour yourself with Suryia Namaskar, feel stronger and more contented and give thanks to this beautiful shinning light in your life. 
Join me for 108 Sun Salutations on Saturday the 26th October at Pranamaya Yoga Studio, Moksh, Patan, Kathmandu, Nepal, @ 2.30-4.30pm.  Come and experience the sun in a collective energy, this is not a time to count how many rounds you complete or compete with others, this is a time of reflection and to come and join a physical meditation, know when to rest and when to energise yourself, feel refreshed and cleansed and float out of the studio ready for the rest of your day!  Learn about the which chakras are activated during the practice and why 108 is relevant.  Also enjoy the beautiful mantra of the Sun whilst you move.
wishing you all joyfull and peaceful days
Om shanti
Mangala  -  Nicky

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