Friday, October 25, 2013

The gift of Yoga

My journey to the heart began in my very first yoga class, although I didn’t know it then.  I knew that the class made me feel wonderful, but at the same time was unaware then of further discoveries, it was more a physical experience.  But I was aware after some time of some sort of connection going on somewhere but I couldn’t explain it.  It was only over time and practice that I knew that my journey was only just beginning and I had so much to develop and discover.  Throughout the history of man there have been the great explorers, those that have set sail across the seas, those that have ridden across the deserts on camels and those that have flapped their arms in search of flight.  There have always been people searching, but it is the discovery of the self that is the greatest journey of all and the biggest adventure you will ever have.  Full of light and darkness, pain and elation, full of surprises.  We can be the most amazing philosophers or speakers, but if we don’t feel it, why?  We can put our bodies into the most amazing yogic postures and look so pretty, but if we don’t feel it, why?  There is so much importance put on the physical body these days that we have forgotten our hearts, we need to develop our hearts.  When it comes to that point when our physical bodies die off, we will wonder what all that time working on it was for, when it is what is in our hearts that stays with us, this is what we need to work on.  In your heart lies the eternal truth, a blooming lotus, an everlasting light, all cognition of memory is in the heart, like a jewel waiting for you.  Through our effort with our practice we can start to remove the layers that hide this jewel to us, and dive deeply into an internal ocean.  Develop your hearts, remember your oneness and wholeness with the rest of humanity, with animals and birds, with plants and the oceans.  There is no separation so be compassionate to your brothers and sisters.  I would like to share this poem with you by Swami Sivananda- I have a message.
I have turned away
From the wealth of the world
I have a mission
A great task before me
In my heart there is a mighty flame
I dive into that flame
And find brotherhood, peace and love
I spread
Brotherhood, peace and love.

You too have mighty flames in your hearts, so let go of all this meaningful consumerism, let go of your attachments they only cause more pain to you at the end of the day, and find that ocean of deep peace that lies within you.  Develop your heart, open your heart and learn to love yourself and all those that surround you.
Om Shanti, I am so grateful to the beautiful lady called Mala that gave me my first ever yoga class, what a wonderful gift.  I hope you all find that gift too.
Mangala – Nicky.

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