Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Healing from Mother Earth

Some of the most powerful and safest therapies are found in nature.

Turmeric that lovely sun coloured bright yellow wonder spice has been used for centuries in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic practices.  The power of turning to nature to heal us can be immense, often we just need to trust Mother Nature herself and allow her to nurture us. 
Going backwards and forwards to surgeries and clinics sometimes can cause more stress than sitting back and simply breathing.  Taking time for you body to heal is really important and often knowing the best way to do that can be confusing especially when you hear different opinions from different people. 
Right now I am suffering with some sickness, there is an unbalance in my body, yes it comes even to us Yogi’s sometimes, and when it comes we have to accept that it is there, respect it and take time to heal.
All disease is caused by the body and mind becoming out of balance, or from a karmic dept that we have to pay, acceptance can sometimes be the most difficult thing, but giving ourselves time is so important, we think maybe the problem will go away if we ignore it, when we have so many others to take of sometimes our own being is put to the bottom of the list.  However all awareness begins at home, if we don’t take care of ourselves then how can we properly take care of anybody else?
Turmeric has amazing healing properties and is used in many different ways, in herbal teas and cooking and as pastes to be applied to the body.
It has a wonderful antioxidant effect that protects cells from the normal but damaging effect of oxidation and a great boosting of the immune system.
Turmeric being a natural anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic gives great relief from achy joints and muscles when made into a paste and applied to the area in need.  Here is my recipe –
Mix together enough turmeric powder with a little water to make a paste and heat, add half a teaspoon of rock salt, a little pure honey, half a teaspoon of sesame seeds and squeeze the juice of half a lime into the paste. 
Before applying to the body rub a little oil into the effected area, then apply the warm paste, cover with an old cloth (turmeric has a staining effect from its bright colour) and place a hot water bottle over the top.  You might like to wrap a towel around the whole area to keep the hot water bottle in place.  Keep there for as long as you can, between half an hour to an hour.
Whilst you are applying the pack, you could practice a little yoga nidra or meditation to accompany the healing process. 
This is very good for anyone suffering from arthritic joints, sprains, twists and swellings where there is no infection (no red colour to the skin and hot temperature.)
Enjoy the soothing effect that this practice has on the body. 
For now may you all find peace and happiness.
Om shanti
Nicky – Mangala.

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