Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to work toward a happier more contented mind.

Whatever is happening in our life we tend to identify with it, i.e. when sorrow comes we become sorrow, when happiness comes we become happy, when confusion and ignorance come we become confused and ignorant.  We are all in this human body, which is a wonderful thing as it gives us the opportunity to dive into ourselves and to observe our minds.  We naturally want to be happy in fact we seemingly are never satisfied and are always wanting more, we don’t want to worry but we always worry.  We naturally want to make sure tomorrow will be safe but we are looking in the wrong places with the wrong methods to do so, it isn’t in having a flat in Paris and one in Holland.  It isn’t in having an expensive holiday or is it in having a highflying job or the friends that you work with.  What we really have to do to make sure tomorrow is happy and safe is to not think of tomorrow but think of the now and create a mind which is not going to be disturbed in any circumstances.  We need a method to not be affected by any physical or mental condition so in times when things seem more difficult; in times of loss or pain, actually they are easy because we don’t identify with them and remain unaffected. We can enjoy our experiences but try not to get attached to them, let them go as everything is always changing, nothing stays the same only the ultimate truth does so.  So when we have those times of exhilaration enjoy and move on, as they don’t last, there are always ups and downs, comings and goings.  Don’t let your expectations disturb you, try to accept things as they are.  The problem with us is that we expect everything to be perfect we want ourselves to be perfect.  This dream of perfection is going to cause nothing but worry and anxiousness or even disappointment, as nothing is perfect only in consciousness itself does this exist. 
We can help ourselves to overcome our delusions and rest safely and happily in the now by being grateful for all that we do have, for most of us we are exceptionally lucky sitting here looking at this computer screen with all 10 toes, the sense of sight, of touch, the ability to read and think.  For some these things are not a possibility.  A while ago I was coming back home from town in a taxi watching an old man with one leg having to wheel himself about in a make shift chair that he had to struggle to turn the leaver at the front with one hand to make the wheels go round, through the most busy and polluted streets in amongst all the noise and traffic, this man looked between 70-80 year old or even older.  All I could think of was struggle for this man to simply be able to move.  So for most of us we have so much to be grateful for right? 
Taking time for some meditation on this is a great help in getting us closer to gaining that mind that is going to remain contented and unaffected.
Here is how –
1.Sit in a calm place and sit comfortably, you can sit in a chair if it is not possible to sit on the floor for you.  However you are sitting be it in lotus pose or simple crossed legged, or with the legs out straight in front, make sure that the spine is held straight.
2.Close your eyes and observe your body for a few moments, try to relax your face, smoothing any lines across your brow, relax your eyes and your jaw.
Tense and release any muscles that are feeling tight or where you feel tension and try to relax your whole body.
Rest your hands gently in your lap and start to observe your breath, without changing anything just be witness to your tummy gently moving as you breathe.
3.After some time begin to imagine your toes and be grateful for them, for all the work they do for you each day.  Imagine your feet be glad you have them to carry you around, your legs, your hips.  Imagine your spine holding your whole body up straight, your lungs for enabling you to breath.  Your hands that allow you to write, cook, and all the things you do.  Imagine your skin allowing you to touch, your eyes allowing you to see, your nose allowing you to smell, your ears allowing you to hear and your tongue allowing you to taste.  Imagine your beautiful heart beating, what a wonder no?  You can work through your whole body and be grateful and happy with each part of it; even you can work through your internal organs and your wonderful mind.  You can even continue with thoughts of waking up in a bed in a room, that you have running water, a kettle to make tea with etc etc.
4.When you have finished going through all these things of which there are so many to be thankful for then just sit for a while in your own love and light, just breathe and be.
5.Before opening your eyes place your hands together in front of your heart centre and say thank you, then rub your hands together to create a heat and place them over your eyes.  Observe for a moment now how your mind is feeling - a little happier, a little lighter?  This will help you to take courage and continue on with the next time you practice your meditation.
6.When you are ready open your eyes and place your hands back to your lap.
Continue your day with a happier and more contented heart.
Thank you Frank for sharing this meditation.
Peace love and light
Mangala – Nicky.

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