Sunday, October 12, 2014


To associate with the wise
To pay respects where they are due
To reside in a suitable location
To have set oneself on the right path (to emancipation)
To have much learning
To be restrained by a moral code
To have beautiful speech
To support ones parents
To cherish ones wife, husband and children
To earn ones livelihood without difficulty
To be generous
To live in accord with the Dhamma (the way)
To refrain from intoxicants
To be respectful to be humble
To be content and have gratitude
To have a mind unshaken by the world
To have a mind that is sorrow-less, stainless and secure
To go everywhere in peace
These are the highest blessings.

From without and within – teachings on Theravada Buddhism

I would like to add to this list one of the greatest blessings that I have been given by my teachers is the practice of Yoga, my grounding force and my true connection back to the universe.  For this I am truly grateful how can I ever repay my guru’s for all that they have given me in this wonderful blessing where all calmness, peace and bliss reside.  I can start by continuing to practice with honesty and determination, and to try and share all that I discover on the path with endless energy to all those who wish to come and practice with me.  The obstacles that are placed on our path make us stronger, our weaknesses are our strengths as we recognise them and overcome them.  The beauty of Yoga when all the elements the earth, water, fire, air and space come together, when the sun, moon, wind and rain become one in our hearts and we shine with the stars.  How wonderful it is to wake up to the world every morning and step onto the mat, to work with our bodies, breath, minds and soul and to find a great big inner smile.  This human existence is a true blessing with all its trials and tribulations it gives us the opportunity to practice Yoga not only on the mat but in every breath in every moment of every day.  When I think back to myself before this mysterious practice came into my life, I was lost and always searching searching searcning, now I have come home and I truly hope all humanity finds their balance and harmony back with who they truly are, beautiful shinning souls.

The Truth is always present like water is under the ground.
Have wonderful days
Om Om shanti Om
Nicky / Mangala

Next retreat date with Nicky: 10th, 11th and 12th November @ Neydo Monastery - Nepal.  Please check website for details

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