Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gaining a quiet, calm and peaceful mind in all situations.

“Man searches for happiness and shuns pain.  Even the most refined physical existence cannot guarantee everlasting happiness or a life without pain.  The root of all wellbeing lies in the mind.  Once the root is cared for, each leaf of the tree will grow.”  Swami Sivadasananda.

For all of us pain is coming at different stages of our lives and this can be in many shapes and forms, the mind can be in a constant battle with the body and with our Intellect, our emotions in constant battle with our wisdom.  The mind can be furiously quick to react to situations that occur around us without giving our intellect the opportunity to think about how best to react or indeed even to not react at all.  Words form quickly and sometimes we regret them coming out, the mind is buffeted by agitations.  To overcome our pains we must learn to quiet the mind, to be able to be contented in all situations the mind must be calm and peaceful, to find our true nature that of pure joy; the mind has to be tamed.  Many of us see that all our problems are the fault of others or of situations that surround us, thinking if only I lived in a different place things would be better, if only I had a different job, things would be better etc., this is wrong thinking.  Outside situations and objects will not bring lasting happiness only fleeting moments the real issue is with our own minds, and if we can learn to deal with it then we can find what is rightfully ours – lasting peace and contentment no matter what.  That sounds all well and good but how do we do that?  Lord Krishna gives us values as a means to this knowledge outlined within the Bhagavad Gita, a beautiful scripture for all of humanity that gives us the solutions to all the problems within this life.  Analysis of each one of these values shows that each one leads to the same – to attain a quiet, abiding, and peaceful mind;
Absence of pride – if you are happy with yourself then happiness does not depend on how others perceive you.
Unpretentiousness – presenting yourself as other than what you are will only bring problems.
Non-injury – respecting all life forms and causing no intentional injury to anything in deed, word and in our thoughts.
Accommodation – Accept and accommodate for your situation and those that surround you, take people and places for what they are, you will be disappointed if you want them to change.
Straightforwardness – bringing your hands, heart and tongue into harmony with each other will make you straightforward with no complications, simplicity can be so beautiful.
Service to your teachers – readiness to serve creates space to reduce the ego and emptying oneself allows you fill yourself with knowledge from a higher source. Knowledge brings light and peace.
Purity – having cleanliness both inwardly and outwardly brings alertness, alertness enables us to watch our lower emotions (jealousy etc.) and nip it in the bud!
Dispassion towards objects – not being a slave to something, for example if you like to have a coffee, then ok, but don’t become a slave to it.
Absence of Egoism – know that we never achieve anything completely by ourselves, recognize this and we become more humble.
Equanimity – being equal in mind to both success and failure, actually we could sometimes say that sometimes we have success and sometimes we learn.

When problems arise around us then I think the only way to resolve those problems is look within ourselves, or as Sadhguru states ‘The only way out is the way in!’  Even if the problem is coming form another person, that person is not going to change, but we can certainly change how we think and feel about that person, place or situation.  A wise man looks at everything as an opportunity. 

Wishing you all a beautiful festive season full of happiness, joy, love and Peace, finding all the sparkles that lie within you and that surround you.
Peace to all living entities and to Mother Earth.
Always Shanti OM Shanti Shanti.

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