Friday, June 10, 2016

International World Yoga Day - round 2!!!

On the occasion of the worlds 2nd International World Yoga day, let us open our hearts to our inner beings and find a simple expression of joy.
EVENT ; Opening the heart through our bodies and sound
PLACE: EDGE Fitness, Sadlers Lane, Naguru, Kampala, Uganada
TIME: 21st June Tuesday - 6.30-8.00pm

Opening the heart through sound.  Sound plays a vital part of our everyday lives; it is a way of communication of learning and interacting.  Have you ever just stopped and listened to all the sounds that surround us and see the effect they have on our bodies, emotions and moods?  How they vibrate through our systems?  Then in turn how do the sounds we create affect us?  The sound of gentle breath, the sound of the heart beat the sounds from our vocal chords.  Sound has the power to either raise our vibratory level or lower it, depending on the sound, for example the sound of a drill will have a certain effect on us compared to that of a divine voice sweetly singing.  This International World Yoga Day I will be exploring how sound can open our hearts and elevate us.  Raise our awareness to a higher plane and begin heal us.  It can activate the right side of the brain the creative side and bring holistic development to the individual, using the practice of mantra and kirtan chanting we can uplift ourselves, create happiness and a more focused mind.  We will chant in Sanskrit; the language of the Gods which comes from within so by chanting you are activating your inner knowledge, unblocking and activating our chakras, (energy centers.) allowing our energy to flow positively.
Sound is energy let us make some noise together and let that energy manifest for the benefit of ourselves, all living entities and for the Universe itself.
The session will begin in initial relaxation to free us from the day and tune into our practice, giving ourselves some space.  Then we honor the light of the day with a few rounds of Sun Salutations to re-charge and release toxins from the system.  Followed by a few rounds of Moon salutations to welcome the transition from day to night.  Then we are prepared for the use of sound, sometimes calming and soothing and sometimes with dynamic energy, we will chant, sing and generally make some noise.  Let us see where it takes us! And of course we finish with a lovely final relaxation throughout the whole system to allow the energy we have created to permeate into every part of us.  We will conclude with a surprise treat, as no celebration is complete without a little sweet treat for the soul!

Do please join us all are welcome and experience something a little different.

Be the light that you are

I will also be teaching at the National Theatre Kampala from 4.45-5.30pm so you can catch me there too! And their celebration for yoga day will continue until 8pm.
AUM Shanti

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