Monday, July 4, 2016

King Posture - Sirsasan

Sirsasan or otherwise known as the headstand is a wonderful posture that brings so many benefits to the whole system.  A student asked me today what if I have limited time what should I practice and my initial response is of course make more time!!  But on another note if we are just talking about asana's or postures regardless of the sun salutations and any breath work we may be doing, then I would say hmmmmm make it the headstand if there really is no time for anything else.  There are many variations of sirsasan and the image above is the classical version, however there are 8 steps to come up into the postures, each equally important and bring benefits in themselves, so make sure you go slowly step by step, learn patience and get instruction and guidance from a suitably qualified teacher.  
Physical Benefits -
Slows respiration
The heart gains a wonderful massage as it needs only to pump with enough force to get the blood to reach the toes, gravity does the rest.
Enhances deep breathing which brings increased oxygen to the brain and the sympathetic nervous system.
All body functions are toned and enhanced.
Varicose veins get relief as the circulation starts to flow in the opposite direction and stagnant blood starts to drain.
Disorders of the nerves, eyes, ears, nose and throat are improved.
Pressure is relieved from the lumber and lower back.
Mental Benefits -
Memory and intellectual capacity are increased.
There is an improved sense of focus and concentration, and improved sensory faculties.
We start to overcome our nerves and fears and become more confident.
Helps us learn patience and acceptance. 
Spiritual Benefits - 
As we stimulate the Sarashara Chakra and Ajna Chakra this induces our intuitive knowledge, we can overcome the sense of time and union can occur.  
"he who practices the headstand for three hours daily conquers time." Yoga Tatwa Upanishad.

The headstand is one of the most powerful asana for the well-being and upliftment for the body, mind and spirit a real boon for all of human ills physically or mentally.  It is a real journey to learn but wow it feels wonderful when you finally get it.  Do you think my student will have 3 hours to spare to hold her body and her mind completely concentrated in Sirsasan? I will ask her!!  I bet her answer will be - wow I will work towards it!!

Take joy in the journey and all it brings
May you all be well, happy and free from suffering and find your peace.
Mangala / Nicky.


Headstand workshop after class this coming thursday, Gems Cambridge International School, Butabika, Kampala, Uganda.  Class 5.00-6.30pm  headstand practice 6.30-7.00pm.  Free for local Ugandans.

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