Friday, December 2, 2016

Need some inspiration? How about a Pilgrimage?

For us Yogis being in one place is fine, creating the stillness around us, and being contented in that space is a wonderful thing.  Not needing anything else and embarking on our own personal journeys within that space is all we need.  But sometimes a little inspiration from others or from a place charged with spiritual vibrations is just what we need to dive deeper into our own practice, or to remove doubts or just simply inspire us to keep going on the path.  Temples, mosques, churches and places of spiritual significance or holy areas are places that pilgrims have ventured to over the cause of time and the energy built up in these places can often be easily tapped into by the seeker.  Sometimes it is just a place of complete peace that is needed whilst going through difficult times or whilst in recovery of something or whilst undergoing stresses and strains.  It can be amazing to walk into one of these places, just to sit, close your eyes and feel all the positive vibrations that are surrounding you; this in itself can be so beneficial and uplifting.  Walks out in nature can bring an enormous sense of wellbeing, no matter what the weather if you are ready to open your heart and feel it, the power of the rain, or a gentle breeze, the sound of the ocean, or the soft sun as it starts its decent can bring a smile from within as we start to feel connected back to all that is natural and nurturing.  A moonwalk gazing at the beauty of the subtle light is beautiful. 
Swami Sivananda tells us –
‘Mahatmas and devotees go on pilgrimage and visit sacred places as a part of spiritual Sadhana (spiritual practice.)  They have different objects in view.  Mahatmas come in contact with sincere devotees at various centers and impart their knowledge and experiences, and guide them.  They select suitable places for meditation where they find inspiration and the facility for intense Sadhana.  They clear the doubts of the householders, give their blessings and guide them.  Devotees who take to pilgrimage get Darshan (sighting) of Mahatmas and have their doubts cleared.  They receive inspiration by seeing holy men and women and sacred places and develop various kinds of divine qualities by mixing with various types of people………… I led the life of a wandering monk, just for a short time, in search of my Guru and of a suitable place charged with spiritual vibrations, for spending my life in seclusion and to do rigorous Sadhana.’

It is good to be contented in the place that we are, but sometimes a journey is necessary to find something deep within, or as Swami Sivananda says a place that is suitable for Sadhana, for deep practice where the journey into the heart holds no limits. 

Hmmm my toes are itching, where will I go?  Just for now out into the garden!!

The images above are taken in Haridwar, on the banks of the Mighty Mother Ganga, on my way to the Sivananda Ashram, Netala, Utterkashi, India.  Ready for my Sadhana Intensive.

For now wishing you all the love and light and beautiful days.
AUM shanti AUM

Mangala / Nicky.

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