Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prasarita Padottanasana - i'm loving this sense of release!

I love this deep forward fold, as I feel a real sense of letting go in the hips and a release of tensions in the upper back and shoulders.  As I breathe in I feel expansion and as I breathe out a sense of letting go, and a sense of satisfaction as I know the shape of who I am in the outer and inner world.

Stand in tadasana then take the feet apart so that they are under your wrists if the arms are held out shoulder height.  Turn the toes to face forward.  Spread your weight evenly over the feet so you are pressing down on the outer and inner edge of the foot.  Interlace your hands behind you back and inhale expanding your chest lifting it up and pushing the hands down toward the floor.  As you exhale tip the tale bone back and fold forward from your hips, taking the arms up above your head.  Keep pressing all sides of the feet down into the mat to ground you.  Feel the shoulder blades pulling in towards each other.  Keep pushing your hips upward, this is the force of opposition, the hips pushing up and the upper body pulling down toward the earth.  Breathe deep ujayi breaths, for as long as is maintainable.  To come out as you inhale reach forward with the upper body and lift the body back up.  If this stretch is a little strong for you then lighten it by keeping the knees slightly bent.

This pose is a great reliever for fatigue, stress, headaches and mild depression.

Enjoy feeling your body, breathing into the body and finding a sense of the self again, overcoming the distortions and afflictions of our minds, calming ourselves and overcoming angers, frustrations and tiredness.
Have a beautiful day
AUM Shanti shanti

Mangala / nicky

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