Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Devi Devi Devi

The glory of the Goddess, chanting the mantra to the Divne Mother invokes her essence to open and heal our shattered hearts.  Chant to Divine Mother and feel her presence, allow her to joyfully lift us, elevate us, allow her to nurture us, bring the child back to our hearts and again feel loved and lighter.
When the world shows us pain again and again it is hard not to become effected by it.  Pray to Divine Mother, to Maa, to the feminine, to the moon to lift us back into her light.  To be like a sunflower that raises her head to the sun and refuses to see the shadows.
Chant Maa Maa Maa, chant Maa Maa Maa, chant Maa Maa Maa
Chant from your heart, feel the vibration, feel her energy flow through you like an electric current.
Vibrate with Maa and allow yourself to dissolve into pure love, only love, just love.  Melt and listen, listen, listen.
Amme narayana devi narayana
Lakshi narayana bhadre narayana

Image above is taken on the night of the Devi Puja at Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham with Swami Govindananda.  www.sivanandapeetham.org

"A puja is a devotional ritual or temple ceremony that conveys the deep essence of spirituality.  Devotional rituals elevate the mind, soothe the nervous system and generate harmony.  The chants bring much joy and have a very positive effect on the physical and mental wellbeing.  A Yantra is a sacred geometrical design that represents the Universe.  Yantras are made of coloured powders and are used to gain mental focus."  Sivananda Center, London.

Love and light and beautiful days
mangala / nicky.

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